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So, what do you think? Lily grew up surrounded by elegance and luxury—an atmosphere she believes she cannot live without, as she has learned to abhor "dinginess.

To complicate the matter, George seems to fancy Lily, although she will not ever see him again after people spread House of mirth that the two of them had an affair. They belong to Old New York's high society. She is fired at the end of the New York social season, when the demand for fashionable hats has diminished.

Lily and George Dorset converse on deck while a young man reads French poetry to Bertha.

The House of Mirth

He died insoon after the truce recognized the independence of the United Provinces, and was buried in Westminster Abbey. Undeterred by such misfortunes, Lily fights to regain her place in high society by befriending Mr.

Distraught by her misfortunes, Lily has by this time begun regularly using a sleeping draught of chloral hydrate to escape the pain of poverty and social ostracism.

Gad, what a show of good-looking women; but not one of 'em could touch that little cousin of mine. Trenor tricks her into leaving the opera and accompanying him to his home, where he assaults her, claiming that Lily is not playing a fair game when she accepts his money but refuses him her attentions.

Considering what Rosedale knows about her, she skillfully pleads for time to consider his offer [l] Selden does not appear for his 4: By Elizabeth he had several children but all died in his lifetime. She uses Lily as her surrogate private secretary and spends much of her day making sure that every detail of her events is done to perfection.

Only two friends remain for Lily: Hatch's laudanum sleeping medication, and begins taking it herself. Yet, it is also here that Lily despairs of realizing true comradeship. She adapts to life as ward of her straight-laced aunt Julia Peniston from whom she receives an erratic allowance, a fashionable address, and good food, but little succor.

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Although Gus accepts romantic favors from Mrs. Lily accepts, desperate to escape the whispers and criticism in New York.

A television film for the Public Broadcasting System in the U. There, at her deathbed, holding her hand, he weeps, declaring his love for her. Once at Bellomont Judy Trenor intimates to Lilly that Bertha is manipulative and also unscrupulous such that it is better to have her as a friend rather than an enemy.

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Back in New York, the Dorsets are still in marital discord and Aunt Julia has died, leaving Lily only a fraction of her vast fortune, instead leaving the bulk in favour of Cousin Grace.

As Book I ends, she invites Lily to accompany her on a Mediterranean cruise to distract her husband so she can carry on an affair with Ned Silverton.

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Lily attempts to neutralize the deleterious effects of the gossip surrounding her by renewing her association with her nemesis, Bertha Dorset, attending an unsuccessful house party at Bellomont, and cooperating with Carry Fisher's mission to bring the newcomers, the Wellington Brys, into high society.

His success in this task obtained him the governorship of Brill and the rank of general. Gus becomes enamored with Lily, a frequent guest at his wife's weekend social events.

That evening, Lily and George look for them in vain. House of mirth Book Two, he agrees to shelter Lily for the night after she is kicked off the yacht by Bertha. After Lily has been expelled from the upper class by Bertha, Carry is one of the few people who still shows compassion toward her, offering Lily support and money.

Trenor keeps up on the social scene. The Latin inscription can be translated: Selden helps by arranging a night's lodging with her cousin Jack Stepney, under the promise that she leave promptly in the morning.

However, her inner longing to become free of her society's social conventions, her sense of what is right, and her desire for love as well as money and status have thwarted her success in spite of a number of eligible admirers over the ten years she has been on the marriage market.

When Lily finds out that the money is not truly hers, she resolves to pay Trenor back rather than agree to be his friend. Instead he has departed for Havana and then on to Europe on business. Six months later Ned accompanies Lily and the Dorsets on their Mediterranean cruise. In her growing desperation she approaches Simon Rosedale.

The House of Mirth continues to attract readers over a century after its first publication, possibly due to its timeless theme.The House of Mirth is a novel by the American author Edith tells the story of Lily Bart, a well-born but impoverished woman belonging to New York City's high.

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Adapted from the Edith Wharton novel, the story is a sustained snarl of rage at a world where women are overwhelmingly dependent on men for their livelihoods and in which one malicious whisper can 81%.

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House of mirth
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